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AREION (pronounced “ah-RAY-hon”, rhymes with “crayon”) is a small establishment situated in the Northern Cape Province, 60km outside the town Kathu, between Kuruman and Upington.  The husband and wife team consisting of Jaco & Magda Fourie takes care of the 2 main objectives of Areion: breeding quality warmblood horses for the dressage sport, and training both horses and riders in this classical equestrian discipline.

What we do

The purpose of breeding Warmbloods is mainly to supply horses to the academy, for education and competition purposes, and thus a light and elegant horse with balanced conformation and impeccable manners is required.  In order to cope with South African conditions, a highly energetic yet sensible horse that will stay healthy and sound is of great importance.


The academy focuses on training and retraining horses according to classical dressage principles, training riders on both their own and the academy’s horses, and educating individuals in proper horsemanship and a wide variety of equestrian skills.  Full-time students are taken in from time to time, but the selection process is extremely strict, and only sufficiently dedicated individuals are taken in.


Jaco Fourie sports a lifetime of knowledge in the equestrian field, and sports National Protea colours in the dressage discipline.  He has won almost every major dressage title in South Africa repeatedly, on a variety of self-trained horses, and has represented South Africa twice in Tri-Nations competitions in New Zealand.  Growing up with horses and competing in almost every equestrian discipline in South Africa, Jaco chose a life with horses after leaving school.  Initially studying some years in the veterinary science field, Jaco then went on to train and work with horses in America and Germany.  He was stable manager and rider at the South African Lipizzaner Centre, and stud manager at CALLAHO Warmblood Sport Horses before getting married to Magda and subsequently starting Areion Stud & Academy.  Magda is a medical doctor by profession, and grew up in an environment where a farm style life with an affinity for horses and other animals took priority.  Magda is an enthusiastic rider herself and also competes regularly in the dressage discipline.





Origin of the name “Areion”

The name "Areion" has strong ancient Greek mythological roots. Areion (sometimes also spelled Arion) was a divinely-bred, immortal, dark-maned horse, endowed with the gift of speech.  Both his right feet were the feet of man.  His mother was the goddess Demeter.  Being a main Olympian deity, Demeter was the goddess of agriculture, vegetation, land and fertility. Bearing the fruits of earth and protecting marriage and maternity, Demeter taught men how to sow and plough and therefore she is also considered the goddess of organized society.  She had metamorphosed herself into a mare to escape the advances of the ralph lauren outlet sea-god, Poseidon, but Poseidon took on the shape a stallion and mated with Demeter. From this affair, Demeter gave birth to a nymph-daughter and an immortal horse called Areion. Areion was first owned by the Arcadian Ogkios, then by Heracles (Hercules) and was then finally given to Adrastos. Areion was a fabulous immortal horse, faster and swifter than even the watches winds, and heroically saved Adrastos (hero and king of Argos) in an important battle: the war of the Seven against Thebes.

The logo was designed by Hannetjie de Kock and combines the ancient greek horse with the modern dressage sport horse.

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PO Box 2037, Kathu, 8446, Republic of South Africa
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        8 Mopanie Ave, Kathu, 8446, Republic of South Africa
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Email: jaco@areion.co.za